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Latest Evil Project - Suppressed WH Thompson

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OK so what does one do with an extra CAC-45 that is just laying around with no intended purpose?


Well the answer my friends is you take it over to the local neighborhood C2 (evil genuis Burrell Sullivan) to come up with a whacko project. Add the event of a recent inbound transfer of my already heavily modified M1 Thomson with many extra barrels and you get what is pictured below: An evil suppressed Thompson.


I'll post another pic below this one showing the barrel modification (a WH barrel of course) and how the suppressor is mated to the gun. I just shot it off the deck and it does fine with no baffle strikes or unpleasantness. Seems a tad loud but still under the level where hearing protection is needed and that might have just been because I has the exterior wall of my house to my immediate left bouncing the sound back towards me.


Anyhoo, here's the pic with mebbe one or two more to come after this one.



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Gone Postal:


WOW! Looks very nice. Any chance of video with sound? I don't know much about suppressors, but that is way neat. I'd imagine it would be hard to fully suppress an open bolt gun, or does that have little effect?



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Ok so here is the next picture hopefully sized a little better so it doesn't take forever to load.


This bbl became a sacrifice to the gods (little g) of a C2's boredom

and my interest in all things unusual.


If you look closely, you'll see that the bbl has been threaded to MAC-10

specs (7/8x9) with the rest of the bbl having been stepped down to a beefy

midsection and the end turned down to fit nice and tight into the first

baffle of the suppressor. Yes the baffle was opened up but only by the

negligible amount of a several thousanths. Because the bbl midsection was

ported, the use of the Bower's designed expansion chamber is still possible,

although to a lesser degree.


Current thoughts are to either port the bbl some more in a circular fashion

or to use some "chore-boy" on walls of the expansion chamber. My goal here

was/is to keep the CAC-45 as stock as possible with no changes to the rear

mount (accomplished) so that I can still use it on my Powder Springs MAC not

to mention staying within the guidelines of F-Troop by not creating another

end cap mount. All I have now is a short ass ported and threaded Thompson



Any ideas for improvement? I realize it's never going to be super quiet as

it is a .45ACP but any worthwhile suggestions might be tested if not to



Gone Postal



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Uhmm, does the can get hot? Can one just grab ahold of it under fire?
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Gone Postal, that would be perfect for a clandestine, preemptive strike against those evil pumpkins this fall!!! http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/blink.gif http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif I believe their hearing is not so great anyway! http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/laugh.gif Regards, Walter
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It's gets hot no doubt. I ran half mag through it and it was still easy to hold. Long term it'll be wrapped in a nomex suppressor cover to avoid any overheating of the old palm.


Working on the machining of that piece of steel (don't know it's proper name) under the bbl so that it turns down at 90 degree angle and again and to horizontal position so that a proper vertical tommy grip can be used.


As for front sites, I am at a loss. Prolly just sufficient for sneaking up on those pesky evil pumpkins this fall and taking them out.


All in all just a fun project.



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very cool prodject;


Do the Mac sights protrude over the can when it's in use on that gun? most of the cans I've gotten a close look at had a set of sights front and aft and the regular sights on the gun were used when the can was dismounted.


Here is an idea, drill and tap a set screw parrelel to the bore on the stubby thompson barrel a couple of witnessmarks (paint) and by moving the set screw in or out you could have the can timed the same position it is on your Mac and then you could add sights to the can. My thought was two pairs of muffler clamps and then have a long front and rear base for the sights on the can.


Forgive me if these sound crude, don't know the legaity of modifing a supressor and if it doesn't work everything is reversable excepting a threadeed hole that will not effect the shooting of the WH supressor barrel













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Neat project! http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/wink.gif


Is the cycle rate higher than normal (due to back-pressure from the can?)


Norm http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/wacko.gif

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Could you adapt that to screw onto the end of a Thompson barrel where the compensator woud go? I know the threads are finer, would it sill be easy to get on and off? I would love to have one made to do that.
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