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Anyone For A Wh 28 For $25,000!

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Was at the Indy 1500 this evening (Indianapolis Indiana) dropping off assorted HK items to sell (still working off the residual on the M1) and ran across a table with a WH '28 that was a reasonable shooter grade in the strong 80% range or maybe even 90%. When I asked the price, was told $25,000 as is the owners gun and he is not in a hurry to sell.


While have to factor in a little room for discussion, this appears just a tiny bit high or a few years (I hope) early for this price.


Of course they could always be giving me a hard time http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/dry.gif

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Your right on several points- the guy does not want to sell it/ its too high "today". maybe 5-8 years from now it "might" be that high but I doubt it as I truly belive there is a $$$$ thresehold for everything- even MG's


Yes I know that is Blasphemy but there are few things commanding over 35K and a Thompson, much less a WH ( and I own one).


30K is where I holler calf rope and it better be a belt fed or a REAL collectible Thompson.


I am real happy with my WH, it looks great- so I bought an M-2 BMG with 4K of ammo.


I am truly tickled.




I hope I don't have to hold my nose in 9 months for solmething else.

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I talked to Brian at Sunset Sales. This was his fathers gun, I believe I heard he just passed away. He had it out on the table just to have there. He really does not want to sell it. And it was a very miss matched gun. upper was a 1000 series WH and the lower was a parts kit. It had Colt switches and military parts mixed in also. I'll talk to him more today to get the whole low down on it. Did see 2 other Thompsons there. One was a pre may for $8k and the other was a guy smoking crack at the table I think. He had a M1 almost identicle to the one I have and I gave $7k for mine last year, if you put a 1 in front of it, that is what he is asking! $17,250 to be exact! There was a guy I talked to that has a MK760 for $4200. Turns out he knows Brickyard and a couple of other friends.


JT, what time where you there? I must have walked by you. If your back again today, look for me in a bright yellow tank top.

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Show was not bad, the guy I am trying to get the M1 Thosmon from had a Grease Gun, MP40, Reseing, MP44, Vickers, Maxium 08, 1917 and MP5A3 on his table for current board prices (plus assume a little room to work).


The table with the dealer sample M1 also had a S&W 76 plus a couple Madsons (sp?) for sale. Did not get a chance to look closely at Ohio Ordance.



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At $25,000, he undoubtedly doesn't want to sell it. Back in December, I picked up a WH 1928 for $8,700 in Massachusetts. The gun was in 98% condition, but was missing the rocker (the gun came out of Connecticut two buyers ago. Connecticut allows full auto, but no selector switch for semi. http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/blink.gif Post a reply and I'll tell you why.)


Anyway, two weeks ago, I was offered $12,000 for the gun by a Class III dealer. So if he's buying it for 12K what's he gonna sell it for, maybe 15K? This guy's no fool; he knows he'll probably get his price. So prices are going up, kiddies. But 25k? Not yet, but we may be heading there faster than we think!

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