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Another Successful Outing

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Took the kiddies out to play for the first time since February. I have had a problem with my WH L drum not staying in the '28, so I swapped covers with my WWII U and solved the problem-no more new dents. I desire a more permanent fix, however.


Used Wolf for the first time in the WH M1 and was not disappointed. Once again, the WH ran flawlessly and very accurately. I was able to squeeze off single shots while on full auto very consistently. If I make it to Knob Creek this October for the junglewalk, this will be my competition arm.


There was a wide variety of machineguns at this shoot including a 1919A4, BAR, MP40's, and more than I can list. Suffice it to say, a good time was had by all. A great video is also in the works. Thanks for reading.

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