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Snnthetic '21/28 Stock Sets

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Hello folks! I have an idea here. Sometime back I purchased a K-VAR Synthetic AK47 Stock Set (In OD Color) for one of my humble AK Rifles, and thought how nice it would be if such a set were available to Thompson Owners.

There are many advantages. Dent/Scracth/Ect Resistant, and the Color would be all the way through the material. These Sets if molded from an Original '21 Set, would therefor be identical to '21 Wood. The perfect thing for those who wish to protect their Wood from any possible damage. Any thoughts on this????

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A few month back I was at a gun show and a dealer there had well over 100 '28 cross-bolt stocks for $6 each. He had purchased them for an undisclosed amount from a couple who were burning them for fire wood. I bought one to put on my '28A1 to save the non-cross bolt original stock.


With stocks to burn, literally, is there a need for aftermarket synthetic versions?


The aftermarket appears to be full of vertical foregrips (made overseas and of questionable quality, as well as Doug's excellent repros). Used GI horizontal foregrips appear to be available from at least some of the vendors.


I'm not sure why rear grips appear to be in more short supply.


On the other hand, a dull black set of synthetic grips and stock would match my HK 91 as well as look pretty nifty on the '28 (with Dulite finish). I'm not an OD color fan.


Good luck!



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Hey! Good minds must think alike... I was just mulling over carbon fiber stocks in my mind on the way back from the shoot. They would be way too cool on a SS receiver... then reality struck. I am not hunting with this... why have it?

Yes, there are a ton of wood ones at shows. But the wood ones make good camera stocks for long lenses ( I bought 2) as well as other uses, and they will not be around forever. If you were to make molds for these, don't expect your investment returned overnignt, but I do suspect that you would be selling quite a few of them over the long run.

Put my order in, I still would get one in spite of myself!


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