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Brass Cleaning Rod?

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It appears to be an early WWII cleaning rod. They were issued with the WWII guns and would also have been sent to the British through Lend-Lease. They are identical to the rare early Colt short rods that were probably issued during the 1930s.


No way to tell if it's a reproduction from the photos, though I don't believe anyone is reproducing the brass WWII rods. They are still fairly easy to locate.

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I have never seen a short rod with the patch slot (I'm not saying they don't exist, I just haven't seen one) and it's hard to tell from the photo if it has the slot or not. I do have a a short brass rod with a patch slot, but it doesn't have the larger diameter loop at the end. It has a smaller diameter end that may be of foreign manufacture. I have only seen a couple of these for sale in the last couple of years.

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