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Nope, none, the bolts don't interchange between the Kahr 1927M1 rifle and teh M1 SMG. It's been awhile since I've been inside a semiauto, but this is what I remember... For one thing, the semiauto bolt, whether for the 1927A1 or 1927M1 is the same bolt. The "actuator"/charging handle fits into a hole either on the top or side (semi bolt has both holes.) Plus, the recoil mechanisms between the two are different (two springs vs one). Also, the firing mechanism is different. The semiauto has a third spring that releases a "Z" shaped striker to drive a stele "pellet" (Kahr calls it a hammer) into the back of the firing pin. This whole arrangement runs through teh semi bolt. (The full auto M1 bolt has a different set up, with no provison for the "Z" and pellet.) Lastly, (IIRC) the fullauto bolt is about a tenth of an inch taller than teh semiauto bolt, so with it in the receiver, the lower won't slide over it.
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