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Wh M1 Tsmg Musings

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I've wondered about this off and on for sometime, but have always been too lazy to post. But, seeing the question about the WH '28s got me thinking again. According to NFAtoys.com, WH made (papered?) 609 M1 TSMGs, and serial numbers run from M100A to M717A. It seems to me that adds up to 618 guns. What happed to the other 9 guns? Anybody know which serial numbers didn't make the cut? (Mine is M187A, BTW.)
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I don't know. Both of those suggestions have crossed my mind. A couple of guys have sent me messages off-list with their serial numbers (thanks guys!) and although there's only about a half dozen or so, the serial numbers folks have sent in seem to be all over the place, and therefore too little info to base any guesses on skipped (set?) serial numbers.


IIRC, didn't we have a member on the old board who used to work for Auto-Ordnance WH? I can't remember his handle, but was hoping he was still here and might be able to provide a little info.

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