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Id Rare Tsmg Leather L Drum Case?

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My freind just acquired this interesting, presumably rare, leather case for TSMG L drums:





....it is of American mfg'r, likley 1930's vintage, unmarked but with certain indications it is American made, not an import from Britain or anywhere else foreign.

It is precisely fitted for L dums, and appears to be a "factory made" item, not a one-off.

Anybody have any information or possible ID of this interesting drum case??


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The leather cases were for the Lewis drums. The "L" drums fit but are very tight. I've seen a few ( 4-5) in the past couple years pop up here and there. But they were not for a Thompson.
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We saw this same question with photos in the old posts. I think we were told it was for a lewis gun not a thompson.
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