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Cnn Communist News Network Debate Poll

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I turned on CNN this morning to learn that CNN almost with glee could not stop reporting that the polls gave Kerry a slight lead.

As typical of the Communist News Network this was repeated every 30 minutes.

Anyway thought I would share the current "unscientific" poll results from both Fox News (much more credible IMHO) and CNN.

In this case both Fox and CNN show Bush having won last night's debate.

I am going to turn on CNN again and see if they just happen to be reporting that, for some reason I doubt it.

Unfortunately I can not receive Fox News in the socialist country I live in on work assignment at this time.




This is the Fox News Poll.


Who won Friday night's presidential debate?


a. President Bush (54%)




b. Senator Kerry (45%)




c. I did not watch (1%)




d. None of the above (0%)



This is the current results of the CNN poll.


Who won the second presidential debate?


President Bush 53% 597688 votes


John Kerry 45% 498970 votes


Evenly matched 2% 21961 votes

Total: 1118619 votes







497,627 total votes


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