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Original Colt "c" Drum

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Have the oppurtunity to buy an original Colt 100 round drum. It's mint, only has the slightest trace of cartridge marks inside if you get it at the right angle in the light. 100% original finish on the exterior, no dents, all the nickel on the rotor, matching. Guy wants $4k for it though. Is this too much? I really don't have the extra $4k to stick in the safe at the moment unless this is a really good deal that I shouldn't pass up. Any ideas?
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If it is a number matching, original blue, and functioning Colt C drum, $4K is a fair figure. There is a guy currently asking $7K for the same thing. Anytime you can find a seller willing to sell at $4k or below for a Colt C, I would think you couldn't get hurt at that price and you are about a grand (give or take) under market value as well.
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