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I Got It ! I Got It !

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My M1A1 Savage is in my possesson. I bought it April 4th . I picked it up October 19. Going to shoot it tomorrow. Ill try to post the results. Thanks to everyone who posts on this board for keeping me interested and educated while I waited. I read alot and post a little. A special thanks to Sten Guy who "bird doged" this for me. My first full auto. Lets all celebrate!!!!


2dogs,,,, out

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QUOTE (LIONHART @ Oct 19 2004, 11:14 PM)
All very nice, but tell us. How did you manage to cope for so long? I would imagine a big lack of sleep, sex, and everything in between..

Wait a second!!!! Lets not go overboard here!!!


BTW Congrats!!!! Time to partay!

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Many congrats! Now, go forth and shoot.
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RANGE REPORT...... With a limited amount of time I ran about 80 rounds through my M1A1 today. It runs great. The only problem I encountered was with one 20 round mag. The last round pops free of the mag and the gun thinks the clip is empty. So it stops in the "back position" with the last round laying loose in the feed ramp area. I only experienced this twice with one mag so Im pretty sure its a mag problem. The other 30 round mag ran fine. I would love to post pictures but am "digatally challenged" . Maybe I can get my wife to help me. Im at work now anyway (on break). They frown on thompsons at work.....


I shot 1 box of MFS ammo 220 gr FMJ . It ran fine but when I switched to my reloads the Tommy noticeably faster. The reloads were HP38 for a velocity of around 850 fps. I cant recall the grains. I tried to duplicate military velocity but have not cronographed anything..


Maybe picts tomorrow.



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