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"Jen On The Hill" as Gov. Granholm is called by at least one Detroit area radio station was dead set against the Michigan "Shall Issue" concealed weapons permit. Is her stand on machineguns the least bit surprising?


When the wave of crime her and her fellow anti-gunners predicted when the "Shall Issue" law passed failed to occur and she was questioned about her stand a year later, her reply was a flip, "I guess I was wrong. Heh, heh."


Her (likewise) Democrat predecessor Frank Kelley issued the ridiculous "Opinion" that limits Michigan individuals to C&R machineguns. The intent of the Michigan statute was totally misconstrued by Kelley to fit his anti-gun agenda.


The legislative intent was clearly to allow all individual ownership of all registered machineguns as in the majority of states. (See Roger Cox, The Thompson Submachinegun).

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