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Watch out for the "Long" Sten mags sales -- these are nothing but the Indian modified 19 round mags (made by inserting brass rods into standard magazines). The seller is advertising these as long magazines that were found to be unreliable, and had their capacity reduced to 32 rounds. It's obvious that he's either never seen a Sten 32 round mag, or he's running a scam.




I suspect, due to his description, that he is intentionally running a scam:


You are bidding on a Early British Long Sten Gun Magazine. The Sten was found to be prone to jamming so they rivet the magazines to reduce the amount of rounds to 32, which put less pressure on the spring and stopped the jamming problem. The later magazines were made shorter to take the new maximum of 32 rounds.


The "rivet" marks are the brass rods (which reduced capacity to 19 rounds) and the indicator holes (which the Indians closed up to keep dirt out). If you hold one of these magazines next to a standard Sten, you'll find that they are the same external dimensions.

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