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Tsmg Numbers Don't Seem To Add

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In doing research for yet another book (I must be crazy!) I note that no TSMGs were manufactured after the initial Colt production run of 15,000 guns until about 1939 or '40 when Russ Maguire contracted with Savage (etc.) and purchased the Bridgeport plant. Some of these Colts were obviously sold as '21s, some were converted to semi-auto only as the '27, and some became the "overstamp 21/28" (and other designations for the "overstamped" model). The USMC utilized something like 600+ TSMGs in some of the banana wars and the US Army had (if memory serves) about 539 prior to the entry of the US into World War II. Presumably these were all "overstamp" TSMGs..., apparently the '28A1 only being produced in the early '40s. This suggests that the "overstamp" TSMGs may not be as "rare" as previously believed. Alternatively, it suggests that some Colt receivers for the '21 were unmarked. What am I missing here? Maybe I'm just going senile... I also note that the quantities of TSMGs provided to the USSR are "off", depending on which reference is used. Wonder if the Russians have a bunch of '28A1s in storage somewhere!!!! PS: FRANK: Great job on the UD '42, in SAR!

Bob Lamoreaux

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Hi Bob,


The Colt 1928 Overstamp was actually the best selling model of the Colt guns as most sales occurred during the 1930's. This was the model they were merchandising most heavily during that period. I wasn't aware that the Overstamp was considered "rare" among collectors.


Unmolested 1921 Models, I believe, are harder to come by then the 1928 Overstamps. Apparently, some police agencies actually sent their 1921 Models back to Auto-Ordnance to have them converted to the "new improved" 1928 Navy Model.


All 15,000 of the Colt receivers were marked Model of 1921. When a Model of 1921 was converted to a 1928 Navy Model the 1 was handstamped with the character 8, which resulted in the last character sometimes looking like a B. That's where the term Overstamp comes from.

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