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27a1 For Sale

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I am asking $675. It looks like new and I don't think it's ever been fired. It comes with a new 10rd drum and a used, modified 20rd stick mag.


About the gun...I originally had a display Thompson which I liked very much but decided to go ahead and get a semi-auto. I sold the display and I found a complete set of 27A1 semi-auto parts for auction on AuctionArms. It came with everything but the receiver and the rear sight. I think it was probably a gun that had been confiscated by some police department. They probably destroyed the receiver and sold the rest at a police auction. I don't know this for sure but I can't think of any other reason to destroy a receiver from a semi-auto. A week later I found a receiver for a 27A1 up for auction and I bought it. It didn't come with the rear sight. So, after I got the parts and the receiver I bought a new M1 style rear sight from Kahr. Also, the barrel that came with it was still attached to front stub of the destroyed receiver which I couldn't get off. So, I bought a new 16 1/2" finned and threaded barrel and new front sight and compensator from Kahr. I attached the barrel myself(I'd have a pro check the headspacing) and the compensator needs to be permanently attached(it's off center when I screw it down all the way). It has a horizontal foregrip. The finish is 100% and the wood is perfect. There is no wear on the bolt or anything which leads me to believe that it was never fired. Well, after having this gun in my gun cabinet for about nine months and never firing it, only taking it out occasionally to mess around with it I decided that I'd rather have a display gun again. I can't stand the look of the 16" barrel on a Thompson and SBR's aren't allowed in my state whichmakes me SOL as far as an authenic looking, firing gun. So, I went ahead and bought another display gun and decided that I would sell the semi-auto. I apologize for the long winded description but I wanted you to know exactly what I was offering. It's a 27A1 with a horizontal foregrip and M1 style rear sight. The barrel should be professionally headspaced and the comp professionally attached. This would be a perfect gun if you're planning on buying a new one and giving it to PK to work his magic. It looks like new and would save you about $200 on a NIB gun which would probably need tweaking anyway.


It comes with a new, never used 10rd drum I bought from Kahr and a surplus 20rd mag which I modified to fit the semi. It fits very tightly but I can't attest to its feeding since I've never fired the gun. I guess I would describe the finish, not as 100% but rather 99.9%. The frame and the receiver do have a few very light scratches on them. I only mention this because I would rather have the buyer be pleasantly surprised than disappointed.


I figured I would I would offer it here before posting it on one of the auction sites. Of course it would have to be sent to an FFL. Buyer would pay actual shipping. I can e-mail some pics. Thanks.


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