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Thompson Slings, Where To Find?

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Try Jerry at http://www.whatpriceglory.com. Click on the American flag to get started.

I bought one of his reproduction M1 slings recently and when it arrived it looked great. It was a little more khaki in color than the original bright mustard colored wartime M1 slings.

The only problem was that mild steel had been used in the spring gates, and once bent for installation, they stayed bent! I sent it back and quickly got an email from Jerry: he said that my comment was justiflied and that he'd send a refund or a replacement with spring steel gates. I opted for the replacement and will post photos and a review here when it arrives.

Jerry prefers PayPal and it will get you the fastest shipping.

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You guys are certainly right about PayPal. That was a failure on my part to think the problem through. It is kind of poetic, though, to use the evil firearms-hating financial service to pay for a sling that I'm going to hang on a M1 TSMG, the very sight of which would make those folks crap their collective panties!
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