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Newly Acquired M1 Thompson?

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Hello everyone!


I'm new to this forum and a brand new Thompson owner! I'm really excited about my new gun but I really don't know much about it. I am hoping someone could help me figure out a few things.


I just got hold of an M1 Tompson SMG with serial number 195xxx. Its marked "Auto Odnance Corporation" on the right side and " "Thompson Submachine Gun" and "Caliber .45 M1" on the left side. Most of the other marking have been erased probably due to refinishing . The Thompson logo on top is half visible and the fire control markings are all gone. It has a shiny blue finish and am wondering what the real finish should be.


The frame on my gun slides freely back and forth (like when you lift or shake the gun) about a 16th of an inch along the receiver when the bolt is uncocked, but does not move when cocked. Is this normal? The foregrip also slides back and forth despite tightening the screw. Lastly, there is no buttstock and after looking at parts diagrams, the frame does not have the round object where the buttstock screw should fit into? How can I install a buttstock?


My apologies for the many questions (some dumb ones) but I am hoping someone on this board could help me.


Thank you in advance.



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Frontsight, welcome to "The Club"! I won't comment on your specific questions, though I'm sure plenty of others here can give you pretty exact answers.


However, I do recommend you consider posting what city you live in and your email address, and see if any of the other members here might be close by and might be willing to get together with you. You could probably learn a college course worth of Tommygun material in a single day that way.

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Thank you and I look forward to a lot of good things on this board.


I am based in the Philippines and apologize for not editing my profile sooner to include my location. However, I did enter my emai address to sign up as a member, so thats in my profile.



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