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1917a1 Mounts

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Hi All,


Well the big brown truck dropped off two boxes for me at work Wednesday. Boxes were a little beat-up, but all inside was o.k.!


I think this mount was just pulled out of a armory overhaul, it's beautiful! No grease or grim, super clean.

Only a few scuff marks in the paint from storage/handling.

Brass/Bronze or what ever it is, is clean. Even the leather strap for the legs is soft and pliable.


Paint on head does not match legs and one leg color does not match the others. Oh well it adds character! Wouldn't change it. Nothing looks like a reweld.


Can't find any markers name on the pieces. Maybe there are none or I'm not looking in the right place. Can someone help here? Belive it's WW II manufacture.


This is a really nice mount!




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