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Colt 1921 Buffer Needed

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If you are talking about just the nonmetallic buffing disks for the ‘21; they are available from Glen Whittenberger or SRT Arms.


I don’t know of a source for ‘21 buffer assemblies or steel parts.


If you want a hybrid system that will allow you to use the ’28 buffer disk with the ’21 spring- I have those in stock.



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Ole' Gordon might start making these thingys too.


They will be unmarked and only cost around $2,000.00 I'm sure.




Just kidding!!



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QUOTE (DC Chris @ Nov 19 2004, 05:30 PM)
I don't know if this guy is good or otherwise, or if what he sells is absolute reproduction junk.

21/28 Buffer Disks for 8.00

Anyone have any experience with the seller or product (he has plenty of actions for this)?


1921 and 1928 buffers are two different animals.


the 1921 buffer is a stack of about 20 .45" diameter discs. The 1928 buffer is one wider disc.


We have made some two piece urethane 1921 buffer sets that replace the stack of fiber discs.




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