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30 Rnd Mags

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i just bought 5 30 rnd mags from



They are in good but used condition, all stamped the same


The Seymour Products Co, Seymour, Conn.


but 3 are blued and 2 are finished with what appears to be some kind of paint, but its well done, not like a quick spray after assembly. Is this normal? They are otherwise in good but used condition. This was also my first encounter with what i presume to be cosmoline ...yuk!! And no they don't have any drums, i asked, but i'm on the trail of some drums in Normandy :-)

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its not green, its a good black paint, not a hint of green, at least i presume its paint. Certainly not blued, but it wasn't really very obvious til i cleaned off the heavy grease. Seems the paint is very solvent resistant too, since i tried acetone, trike and white spirit to remove the grease. one is a bit deteriorated, the paint only, so i might try to strip that and try a bit of DIY blueing.
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