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Rear Sight Help Needed

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My 1927 A-1 shoots to the left by 4-6 inches over 30 yards. Kahr has sent me replacement rear sights and they make no difference. The service guy mentioned that I could remove the rear leaf, file it, and add shims to the other end. I understand the concept but need specific help.


1. How do you remove the rear flip up leaf?

2. What and where do I file to move the sight? Must move left to correct POI to right, yes?

3. What do you shim and what do you use to do this?


Many thanks for any help you can give.

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It's a long way from you but, got to tell ya, there's only one place to contact / ship this pup. PK of Diamond K. He's in CO and will do what's right and do it well. Personal experience.
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Your assumption for question No. 2 is incorrect. For rear sight windage adjustment, if you want to move the Point of Impact (POI) to the right, move the rear sight windage adjustment to the right. If you want to shoot further left, move the windage adjustment left.


For rear sight height adjustment move the height adjustment up. For lower POI move the height adjustment down.


Hope this helps.

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gijive, thanks for the correction! Has anyone filed the side of the leaf to get this windage correction? Can you give me some help with how to remove leaf, file, and shim? Please! I am tired of aiming to the right of what I want to hit!
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