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Colt 21 A On Sturm $27.5 K

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WTS: Colt Thompson 1921A - $27.5K - PICS


Posted By: Ken Keilholz Ohio

Date: 11/25/04 19:21


I have for sale on a form 3 1921A Colt Thompson.

Overall condition is 85%. This gun orginally came from a prison so it shows normal wear.

Included is the prison's original purchase document.

I have one 50 round Bridgeport drum that will be included as well.


Please check the link for more pictures. Some appear better than others with lighting. - Sorry, no other pictures right now.


Thanks for looking.


Ken Keilholz

Cincinnati, Ohio

513-941-6444 EDT



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after you take out the drum price>what happened to the free stick mag with gun??a 85% cond.1921a for $27,000.00


i think i will buy a nice car.or add it to a nice car price and get a 2005 vette...at least i will drive that and enjoy.


while the 1921a sits in the safe{"safe queen}


kenny is a great guy i have known him for 25 year's....so anybody won't go wrong buying something from him....and if they want a 21a they will have to pony up the cash.....it is just so sad how much now everybody want's...i have kept my price's within 10% the past two year's....now i can't afford to buy them anymore and just make that...everybody want's the killing.......wink!!


take care,ron

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QUOTE (PhilOhio @ Nov 26 2004, 11:29 AM)
Since it's not clear in the ad, is this a private individual, or a dealer offering the TSMG?

kenny is a dealer with 100's m.g.'s >in stock...he probably had this awhile or just got it on trade,he like's the swiss and german stuff first.take care,ron

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That looks sooooo beautiful. Just couldn't contain myself.
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21s are what started all of this...sure glad I hung onto mine....pardon me,but I gotta go pick up the Colt and a brew and turn on SPR... http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/wink.gif
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  • 8 years later...

Hello Ken,

Remember your visits in Switzerland, Hanspeter Baumann, your journey with me to the french part of our country. Years ago, I sold my full-auto collection, even the St.Etienne 07, the Potato-Digger and the Solothurn S 200 Mg 29. Most of my guns are now in the Swiss Military Museum in Full-Reuenthal. I had the chance to buy back the Thompson 21A ex Christian Reinhart (former Hofmann&Reinhart). The gun came from the Donald/Malcolm Campbell estate. Its a perfect fill up of my Colt-collection.

Yours, Hans Maag

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