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Few Thompson Parts For Sale

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figured i'd offer these here first...have several odd and end parts i need to move....i'll accept paypal ONLY for this stuff....i really want to sell it all as a lot at a good deal.....so the lot deal price is $275 ...shipped priorty to board members for free....USA Only! Please email me at ibewolfer@aol.com if intersted......


2- m1 bolt handles 1 savage and 1 unmarked

13 swivel scews

2- big buttstock screws

2- milled swivels stevens marked

2- trigger 1 marked stevens 1 showing no markings i can see

1- stevens marked rocker

1- AOC sear

3- savage mag catches with springs checkered with hole

1- stevens marked 28 recoil rod

1- savage marked pin style safety

1- SET savage marked checkered selector and safety "has hole"

1- m1 short stock screw

1- m1 funiture set ...forearm and pistol grip and buttstock with butt plate but missing small buttplate screw..forearm is real good..buttstock has a few dings here and there but not all beat up

7- 28 pistol grips all are very good condition..look like unused surplus

6- pistol grip screws

1- m1 pistol grip..very good...same as above


email me at ibewolfer@aol.com if intersted........Thanks

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Hi Wolfer,


How about you posting a picture of the safety/selector set. At least email me with it! I would like to see it!



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