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New 1927

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I bought a new semi auto 1927 today. I will send it to PK to have him move the cutts back and work on the rear sight screws. I am going to but a standard forearm from dan. What else should I have done to it by PK to make it look as a military style thompson? By the way I have a semi m1 PK worked on for me a couple of years ago and it still runs like a champ.
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While working on the rear sight screws, replace the rear sight with a real Lyman ladder sight.


Consider replacing the stock with a non-cross bolt stock.


Have PK radius the drum slots properly.


Refinish in Du-Lite?


Have the frame serial numbered to match the receiver.


Enjoy many happy times with your Thompson!

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Du-Lite is the "flat black" finish used on the WWII '28A1s.


EDITED TO ADD: Buy "American Thunder II" and read all about it. Frank is taking advance orders now.


Also have him modify the magazine catch to take regular, unmodified 20 and 30 round stick mags.

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I have to expand on MP description of DuLite;


DuLite is a brand name for hot bluing salts, others may include Nickel Pentrate, Houghto Black or Oxynate. They are all basically the same stuff and will produce similar results.


The term “DuLite” is not descriptive of the appearance of the part; that depends mostly on the finish imparted to the metal prior to bluing; anything from mirror to matte.


The GI receiver and frames were what we call matte (or abrasive blasted) today, but they also have lots of machine marks.


Hot salts bluing is also called ‘black oxide’ in commercial circles

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