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Finally Got My Bar

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After searching for a few months I finally found a C&R BAR 1918 Marlin Rockwell. It just transferred and I can't wait to take it out for a spin. Evidently it was owned by a MR employee and registered in 1934 and has been sitting in his Grand Daughters attic since 1959. I am doing research on it as we speak. It is in excellent shape and has not been abused. It is not a reweld or rewat and I got it for well under 20K, proof that there are still some decent deals out there if you look hard. I am missing the smooth flash hider and would like to know if you hear of one.
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ammo,..Congrats!!...I also have a Marlin/Rockwell...in the #43xxx range with the original barrel dated 10/18 and brit proofed. They are a blast to play with...I joke at the range and call them a "Mans` Gun"...you have to lean into them a bit,but are very controlable...I also have a NESA 1918A2 and a OOW 1918A3...what number range is your`s?..post a range report and some pics..good luck! http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/wink.gif
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Hi ammo,

Congratulations! You got an excellent deal on your 1918 M-R BAR! Some of the "non-corrosive" Korean ammo that is going around is actually slightly corrosive. If it is headstamped "KA", it is corrosive. Ammoman.com was originally selling this ammo as "non-corrosive", but has since deleted the "non-corrosive" statement. If it is headstamped "PS", it is not corrosive. But certain lots of "PS" ammo have had major problems. Widener's was selling lot number PS-2-122 in 20 round boxes. That lot number ammo has had no reported problems. But if you could find some U.S. made "LC" ammo, you would be much better off. Check with DCMP to see when they will have US surplus .30 cal. ammo for sale again.

Happy New Year!


Note: DCM has surplus LC68-LC72 M2 ball for $192/960 + shipping. This should be very good ammo for a BAR. Call DCMP @ 419-635-2141 for info.

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