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Wolf Steel Cased...

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QUOTE (nobra81 @ Jan 29 2005, 11:10 AM)
Hey crow,

Can you reload steel cases? Just wondering if it will resize.


I've tried it with a few of these cases, just to see... You can do it, but more strength is required, and it is probably hard on dies. Also, I doubt that it is a good idea, safety-wise. You can't repeatedly stretch and squeeze steel, as with brass, without it work hardening and breaking much earlier. For a lot of reasons, steel cased ammo is simply on my "not to do" list. I don't even have to think about all the questions they raise.


'I've never attempted to reload steel cases, I never used them until acquiring a Thompson. In fact I have never loaded for the Thompson! .359, 9mm and 44 mag. is it.


If one were to work on loading the steel cases I would highly recommend using hardened dies.


I like so many just love to shoot. Best price retail I've found was .19 ea. at Wal-Mart for Winchester. I found I had far more carbon build up with that though than with Wolf. (When I used wolf!)


Any more I just can't find the time to reload. Have a ton of brass though!


One of the things on my wish list is a chronograph.


A Dillon sure would increase the output over a single stage press. If one were really serious a commercial system would be the ticket.

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Broke an extractor yesterday on Wolf, however I'm not blaming the extractor or the ammo. I was about to pop in the drum after warming up with a XX. tried to pull the bolt back and it was stuck, the Chamber on my WH is TIGHT. you guessed it, I shot the round rather than fight with a stuck bolt handle and pow, busted extractor. Steel cases don't contract as much and and rough and or undersized chambers extract hard. I've heard PK and others cuss WH and Numerich for undersize chambers and know first hand Khar puts tight chambers on their pistols. If the busted extractor thing was a design flaw it would have showed up before WWII or durring it. No one ever cussed Thompson extractors in print or any vets I talked to had anything like that to say. It's a Semi problem and let's face it easly corected by recutting a chamber. The Thompson design was not made for a SAMI spec chamber.


I've reloaded old GI steel cases, used to use them in my 45 super. Also Dean Grenel has that in print in one of my .45 books. It's the chambers not the ammo.




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During some recent down time at a qualification, we ran about 300 rounds of the steel cased Wolf through my Thompson. Flawless, and no visible sign of wear. Worked great!


As an aside, I am slowly putting the Thompson into the hands of all the Troopers I work with. To me, more than half the joy of owning one is letting others experience it. Many of these guys are gun nuts, but few have every felt the awe of a Thompson.




After running a drum through it, he looked and said, in a dead serious tone, that it was just like sex...



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