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1918 Bar Technical Question

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I have on transfer a original 1918 BAR and unfortunately live in a state that requires "Full Auto Only" I want the gun converted without damaging any of the original parts. I was told that a 1918A2 trigger pack could be swapped and the gun would only fire Full Auto. Also was told that the buffer did not have to be altered. Any comments appreciated.
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I believe the A2 trigger group will drop in but you will need the buffer assembly to get the 2 speed rate working properly. The buffer is what allows the low rate by slowing the bolts return on followup shots. I think the A2 buffer will also work in the 18 receiver. I hope that helps



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Hi ammo,

Did you buy the parts to "modernize" your 1918 trigger group to 1918A2 specs or did you buy a complete 1918A2 trigger group assembly? Either way will work.


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