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There Will Be No Semi-auto Forum

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After some simple polls, reading from board members and other endeavors, it’s obvious that there will be no Semi-Auto Thompson Forum created separately from the Thompson Submachine Gun Message Board.


The first poll revealed that (as of this writing) that the majority of board members who took the poll supported a separate forum or did not care either way. There were 26 or so FOR a separate forum. Only 4 posted why, even though I asked for responses.


I did another poll and asked what kind of Thompson gun we all had. I was allowed only 10 poll answers and I did not allow for multiple Thompson gun owners to respond. If you own more than one kind of FA Thompson that is great. If you own several semi autos, that’s great too. If you own both, that's great too. I figured that most people with both would respond with what kind of FA they had anyway. Turns out that as of this writing that only twenty percent of poll respondents didn't own a FA Thompson.



This evidence in itself is enough reason NOT to have a separate board. Most board members don't have a semi-automatic Thompson anyway! Another good reason posted by multiple posters is the general slow post speed of the board. We all know that you can see at least 2 days worth on one page. There is also a limited FAQ about the semi-auto guns in the tacked FAQ at the top of the page. There is not a real need for a more specific one as some have pointed out. Let them post the questions. Without them, who knows, we might still be reading about marking reproduction parts from you know who (who has his own website now!!!)


Thanks for all the imput.






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