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Not A Thompson, But Still A .45

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I just purchased a Remington Rand .45.


It has an "X" in front of the serial #. A 7 digit serial # 2695xxx


It also has the letters "MA" close to the front of the trigger guard. A "P" at the mag release...


What do these markings mean?? Anyone have an idea when it was made??


Sorry it is off the subject, but I know someone here will have information.


Thank you,



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I guess since the TSMG and the 1911 both fire the same cartridge, that someone here would know everything about both. Go figure...??


Same logic should work for the MP40 and the MP5. Both do fire the same cartridge....




If you try google and type in remington rand 1911 you can read TONS of information.




This might help too



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Try to find a copy of Clawsons book on the military 1911's. He goes into great detail on the markings. I'll grab my copy and look it up tonight and post what I find unless someone beats me to it.
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Sten, The MA is the factory inspectors mark, the P is the proof mark. Data from Clawson's book indicates your gun is post war, produced in 1955, the Ordinance facility is probably 229 Ord. Depot Yokohama Japan, depending on the last 3 digets of ser. # which you did not list, (X2694999 thru X2695198) The last R.Rand pistol assembled for WWII was #2465139, the spare parts on hand were then shipped to Ithaca. Hope this is of some help.


Mike Hammer

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