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Class Iii Thompson's

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The big thing - one of the things pointed out by PhilOhio, is to have the cash in hand - no one will wait while you find the cash. Best to consider around $ 18,000 - 20,000 before you shop.


These guns don't sit in rack waiting for buyers. If you don't have the cash in had - you wont get a gun. These are not guns you find in your local gun shop which you can handle, come back next week and deal on - offering a low bid and thinking because the shop has had the gun for a while they will lower their price to what you want to pay - CASH makes the sale now!


First read and then shop.

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Donzo, you're going to have to have patience to buy one of these things and not get ripped off. Even after you make the purchase, it's going to probably be a minimum of 3-4 months before the NFA approves your transfer and you can take possession, therefore, spending a few weeks up front understanding the different models, the pittfalls, approximate prices, etc. will be well spent.


1. Get a copy of Frank's American Thunder book and study it. Try to get a copy of Tracie Hill's book and study it.


2. Read a few hundred posts here, particularly the ones that discuss prices for the different models, recommended and customary buying practices, etc.


3. The advice of having money in hand is excellent, so that you can consumate a deal quickly if a good one appears. BTW, you won't even really know what a good deal is unless you do Items 1-3 above. Oh, and have a Class III dealer lined up near where you live to do an out-of-state transfer should that be necessary. Find out if your local CLEO is sympathetic and will do the Form 4 signoffs, or if they refuse based on misguided principals. If the latter, then set up a corporation or LLC to take ownership and you can bypass the CLEO signoff and the FBI fingerprint check.


4. The following sites are the two places where probably more machine guns are privately bought and sold than anywhere else:



Sturmgewehr.com NFA Board


Subguns NFA


Start looking at the new listings on these two sites every day.


Good luck, and don't hesitate to ask for more advice should you have questions about a specific model.

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Donzo72, I think you made a good move coming here before buying. I was steered here by another board member when I was shopping last year. It is the best thing I did.


These guys are friendly and very knowledgeable. I think some can tell you the color of the paint on the assembly line wall the day your gun was made if you give them the serial number. The advice on buying the books is sound. You will have a ton of information at your finger tips as you browse the listings searching for that prize Thompson! Good luck!


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If you think you can make a business of it, you can get a license and pay the SOT(special occupational tax), which would make you eligible to purchase dealer samples. A pre-May sample would cost maybe $6,000 to $8,000 and you could retain it if you decide to not renew the SOT.
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