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Some people think that I am an amateur who has no business taking a gun apart, let alone making modification to parts.


I admit that I am new to Thompsons firearms. I received mine as a Christmas gift. Having said that, I have to admit that other than the history and glamour of these guns, I have been very disappointed.


The Khar would not dissasemble without modifications from Kahr. (bolt handle would not come out). Some magazines fit and then some other do not. One has to modify them to fit the gun, etc., you know. After market parts are hit and miss. Of course my rifle does not use a drum. But a lot of the postings on this forums have to do with drums: some fit, some don't, some have to be fixed, etc., etc.


Maybe the WH, or Colts or AO long ago, firearms were better and nicer. The current crop isn't. And the manufacturer doesn't seem to have the Thompsons as their high priority item.


Right now, I have just gone around with an after market vendor. He thinks I am trying to cheat him; I think he screwed up and doesn't want to admit it. He says, I say...

Who is right? Who is wrong? Well, who knows. All I know is that I am going through yet another dissappointment related to this gun.


Sorry to dump. I think I'll go drill some magazine holes.



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