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A Kahr Vs West Hurley Question On Internal Parts

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I have a question(s), is there a difference between the semi-auto Kahr and a West Hurley on the upper internal parts like the bolt, springs, spring guide rod. I’ve seen the internals of the Kahr, so I have that in my head.


Also, I think, I heard that you can put a felt bolt oiler in a West Hurley and not in a Kahr, is that right?


If someone out there has a picture that would be great. I picture is worth a thousand words.


Thanks for the understanding and help



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None of the semi guns will accept a breech oilier unless altered.


The Bolt assemblies and other receiver components will freely interchange between the Kahr and WH guns, but the current Kahr parts have corrected several design flaws and are, generally, of superior quality.


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