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Reshaping Stock/grips

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New to the board and new tommy owner as well. Ordered a 27 Kahr last week should have it by Thursday.


I have read thru the posts about the various mods that can be done to a tommy, like shortening the barrel/comp and adding paddle selectors. I have contacted PK about the cost.


I was wondering about reshaping the Kahr grips myself. All the ones I have seen look like a slab of walnut. Anyone have any suggestions regarding this project? Is it just a matter of shaping the grips till they feel good in your hand, or is there a certian "tommy" shape they should have? Thanks for any help.

K Jones

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Indeed, there is a "Tommy" shape, from the old Colt's right up to the M1.

I'm not sure you have enough to work with on a Kahr, at least not on that flat vertical foregrip.

Go up to the top of the forum list, check under Pinned Topics! Thompson FAQ: Check Here First .

Here you will find "Dan the man"(stockmaker expert), Tommygunner, and a whole lot of links to buy surplus furniture,

plus excelent info on refinishing your own wood.

Good Luck!


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You can do some shaping to the front grip, like Zamm stated however there is not much wood there to work with. Dan Block from this list makes the nicest ones.





Left to Right:

Kahr, IMA, Dan's Grips


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You will never be sorry if you replace the kahr wood with Dan's wood - I have purchased 3 complete sets and there is no better.
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Go to this website: Dan Block's Stocks


If you get him to make you a complete set of wood (front grip, rear grip, and stock) at the same time, it will usually match perfectly because it comes from the same piece of walnut.


Also, you can get different types of wood grains from him.


You will need to let him know if your front grip is 1/2 inch wide or 3/4 inch wide.


I use his wood on my 27A1.




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Heh... you said you use his wood... heh, heh. http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/laugh.gif
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