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'28 Value?

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I am told that this gun was "lightly rewatted". New barrel was installed. Is the asking price in-line?


NFA Market Board


WTS: A.O. Thompson 1928 Savage Mfg. $20,000


Posted By: John in NE (CPE-24-27-140-16.neb.res.rr.com)

Date: 3/31/05 12:29


Thompson 1928-A-1 Savage Mfg., 1 shoulder pouch for drum, 1 pouch for three 30 rd mags plus three 30 rd mags, 1 pouch for five 20 rd clips (Rusco mfg.), six 30 rd mags, two 50 rd drums. Canvas carry case plus wooden case. Also have 2 books: American Thunder by Frank Iannomico and The American Legend by Tracie Hill. Asking $20,000 for everything. If interested please contact my class 3 dealer David Greenfield (402)721-1133


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Lightly rewatted? Is that like a little pregnant??


I assume the new barrel is what he is talking about. But - that means the gun was demilled in another country - like Europe somewhere. The French (and Brits, to I believe) welded up barrels, and with a new barrel and bolt you could make it work. They did not cut the recievers, just bolts and mag lips.


All said, where did this come from? And most importantly - where is it now? I assume it is in the US, and I assume it is registered. In which case....


My guess would be $18K for a 28 these days, with the rewatting being as I have described. If it was a cut and welded reciever, I would depreciate it about a grand or two. Just my guess... I do remember a rewatted M1 going for $16.5 recently, though.


Good luck!

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This one sold too for close to the asking price of $25K when I spoke to D. Landry today...


From what we have discovered, 1928A1 WW2 dated about 1942 - 43. British proof marks, 50 rnd Bridgeport drun - unused, 3 30 rnd mags mint in mint 1944 USMC case. Everything look original and unscrewed with.


Currently on form 4 in Louisiana. This is a consignment weapon for a local customer.


Call us for more info.

Dale Landry

Landry's Guns



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I've seen quite a few dewat Thompons that had the chambers welded and occasionally some were drilled and blind pinned through the handguard bar into the receiver and barrel. Normally the barrels were tack welded to the front of the receiver too. A light dewat from my standpoint would be one that has either very small welds on the front of the receiver and no pins or one on which the welds don't damage the finish too much. Ones that have weld spatter in the chamber which burns into the feedramp or receiver are not light and require cutting the barrel off and boring it out to the threads in order to clean up the back end of the barrel step. I've rewatted a number of all these for customers. These are pretty much a standard US dewat from the 50's and 60's.



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