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In spite of continuing vision difficulties requiring 3 more surgeries, I have been doing whatever I am capable of. (My vision varies because of the medications, healing and corrections – some good days – some bad days. It’s very exasperating.) To that end, I have been able to produce a supply of EVERY tool shown in my catalog #52. Unfortunately, all Universal Barrel Wrenches made were consumed filling back orders with some back orders remaining unfilled. Anyone who has been waiting for any of my tools and who has not received their order (excepting for Universal Barrel Wrenches) should contact me by phone (310-457-6400), fax (310-457-3010) or e-mail (ThompsonSMG@mail.com). Fax is best for me and gets the quickest response. I will be back in the U.S. in mid April, at which time phone and fax will be functioning. When I get back, I will make more universal barrel wrenches and then start on round items including bolt handles, pilots, buffers and pins. By the time I get that done, I should have vision good enough to restart receiver production. It’s been a long time, but I am beginning to function again
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