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Barrel Question

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The last TSMG barrels I got from NAC (~ 8 months ago) were returned, as I considered them useless.


The Kahr barrels are serviceable.


I am in the process of setting up to make my own as I don’t like the quality of anthing currently on the market.


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Don't waste your money on a Bbl from Kahr - I have purchased two of them in the past and the chambers were poor and undersized. If PK is going to make Bbls I would wait for his product as I have always been happy with his work. If you can't wait then go with a surplus Bbl from a parts kits if in good shape. If it were me, I would stick with PK... Just my 2c,s .
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What is the problem with the NAC barrel? Is there anyway you can identify these barrels? I believe I may have purchased some on Ebay some years ago.

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I’ve put a lot of NAC barrels on guns for shooters over the years. They always required chamber work and such, but finished up fine. The steel was soft and the bores were always just fair. It took them (NAC) a long time to use up the supply they had on hand and were out of stock for a while last year. When they finely got back into production I ordered a batch and was aghast at what I received. Some thirteen year old must have been hired to run them over a belt sander with an 80 grit belt, including the front sight boss, threaded or not. The bores were lousy. I sent them all back.


The Kahr barrels are decent steel but the bores aren’t mil spec. There are broken edges where they are supposed to be sharp & the contours don’t always meet spec to fit foregrips properly.


I have been working with a major barrel maker and have received a limited number of blanks that I am happy with, meeting the mil spec for steel alloy & hardness and bore dimensions. They shoot very well. I hope to offer them in all styles in the near future, thy will be better than even surplus barrels, running more concentric at the least. I was driven to do this by the lack of good barrels that I needed to service guns in house, but will offer as parts as well.


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The 10.5" I received from NAC was like a cactus.

Not kidding!

It felt like you could get slivers in your fingers from it. The chamber was undersized as well.


With PK fixing everything and it seems ok.

Shoots very accurately.


But again I shouldn't have needed PK to do anything to it other then install it.

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