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Knob Creek Shoot

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I just returned from Knob Creek and while there I met a few people that I had wanted to meet. Among them Karl & Rowley??Spelling is bad with names, from Ohio Ordnance.


Folke of MG34 fame


Bob Hurley who runs the Jungle Walk, and a few other very interesting indivuduals.


But the thing that really was interesting to me was that on my way to the machine gun range to fire my M1, I must have been stopped by at least 20 or more guys that all wanted to know 1 question. WANT TO SELL THE THOMPSON?


I mean some of them put it in different words but there seemed to be no lack of interest in my M1, and I had put on my 1928 lower to the upper so that I could take off the lower easily for transport and while on the line, so that I could try some rounds without using the stock attached. I mean even down on that little range a guy was there taking some movies and he was interested.


What really surprises me is that either they cannot find a decent Thompson by looking on the net or other places or may be they think that just because they see some female carring a Thompson that she might not know the value of these things and would just sell it to someone for a few hundred. Don't think so.........


However, even though I didn't have much luck with the MP43/44 parts excepting for some stripped bolts, I did get a few spare parts for the Thompsons. Just for back ups and managed to pickup a like new barrel that still have the 3" of receiver with it. Found that for $60 and that's not bad seeing that it's original and in like new condition.


So, honestly guys, you who have been to this event or a similar one, do you get this kind of reaction and or do you guys think you can still find a deal on a Thompson?


By the way, there were some dummy receivers there but I just didn't look they over or get any pricing on them.


Now that I've been there, I will be returning in October with a few other toys.

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I wish I had known that was you. I saw you Friday at one of the tables talking. I later saw you walking to your truck with the gun on your arm. I almost asked the same but.... Did that truck have Jersey plates on it? I was parked about 6 vehicles away.
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Hi Diane,

I bumped into Bob (Junglewalk) and he said he was looking for you with the ammo you wanted. Glad you two hooked up. Was busy fishing for TSMG, BAR, MP40, and M16 parts and did not see a female carrying a Thompson at KCR. Sorry I missed the oportunity to chat with you.

Kathy Poling (Elite Iron), Jeanie Todd (Dennis Todd's wife), and Tina Elmore (SAWLESALES) are all very knowledgable women in the NFA community. As an added bonus, all 3 are a pleasure to deal with. ANYONE, male or female, carrying a Thompson around KCR is going to be stopped at every other table.


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I can second Careys statement. I'm just a guy and had my post sample M1 slung on my shoulder just from the upper range to the pole barn. I had quite a few people wanting to know if it was for sale. I just wanted to Jonathan Ciener to fit up the .22 cal conversion kit I bought.... which by the way works fantastic. The number of transferable guns for sale has decreased substantially in just the last few years.

Now you have to look harder to find what you want and when something comes along you either buy it then or miss it.


My wife saw you wandering around saturday and said to me that she wouldn't be the only woman being pestered for carrying a tommie around now. She shoots a lot but doesn't like the weight of the loaded tommies. She did like the .22 setup better but its still heavy. She is an Uzi fan.....


Glad you made it.




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Diane, I must have missed you. Glad you made it... maybe we will meet in the spring.


I accidently bumped into Leide. He is a super nice guy. We had a chat about Thompsons of course....


Ran into twodogsfightin'. SOrry I missed you at 1 oclock. I was trying to do a little trading....



I saw 5 Colt Thompsons for sale. Wonder if any sold??? 2 were rumored to have been close to a fire. One was a movie gun.. Not sure of the history on the other 2....


Please post if anyone knows if the any of the Colt's sold....


The weather was perfect......... I was afraid of a downpour.... I only was there for FRiday...



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1st question about the truck, and the plates. Yes, those were Jersey Plates on it, but I have 60 acres in Pennsylvania so the plates on the truck are not indicative of where I'm at in this huge country. You should have just walked up and asked me about the Thompson and also, then you could have said you are from the forum as well. We could have may be had a coffee or something.


I don't know what day it was that anyone saw me though with the Thompson as I had it out both Saturday and Sunday. I missed Bob by the time I got around to going down to see if he was still there. Sorry again Bob, I'll be back before the October event and bring a MP43 and maybe the 1928 and a MG34 to play with if you want. We can try out the loader I bought after I convert it to the 8mm. You can carry that one though; it's a bit heavy for me. Should have picked up an inexpensive 34 sling when I saw them there.


Bob had been looking for me on Friday and he told me he also paged me, but I didn't get there till 7:00 PM, and I was on the road from 12:00 Midnight, would have made better time if I didn't get 2 tickets for speeding. And then making a wrong turn that put on another 200 + miles. Anyway, since I got there at 7:00 PM, I didn't feel like paying the $10 just for 2 hours or less while they were going to be open so I just took a ride and found a Wal-Mart to walk in.


I did see Dennis Todd, but never got around to talking to his wife. I met Dennis at the Harrisburg show for the first time, and I bought a few little parts from him. I needed a few sight pins since when I change out a barrel I just drill out the old pins. Not worth trying to get those things out.


Will be likely seeing Dennis again at the end of the month at the Harrisburg show, I have a guy that I met at one of the smaller shows in Pa that is bringing me a unissued in wrapper Winchester M1 Carbine barrel with all the parts already attached to it. Couldn't resist that offer when we started up a conversation.


Frank, I wasn't pestered ( I don't really mind someone asking questions), it's just that I think half the guys that wanted to know if the M1 was for sale, were looking for something without papers. The others likely thought that I'd sell it for less than a transfer fee. Just my thinking and could be wrong.


Getting to the weight of the Thompson and your wife. I do have an aluminum barrel that looks to me to have been sleeved with a .22 barrel. If you just take a useless barrel and cut a small section off the receiver end, to retain the threads, you can then bore out a nice fit for the aluminum barrel (press fit), and that will reduce the weight of the Thompson. Not much but some. And I did see at least 1 aluminum barrel there like I have but it was well used. What I don't know as I did not look at the Cienner kit is if you can use the existing liner in that aluminum barrel or you might have to bore it out. It's the same outer size as a regular finned barrel, and it is a finned barrel as well.


Then too, with the cost of the stocks being so low, you can hollow out a wood stock (and the other wood parts) to make it lighter and it wouldn't matter with the .22 conversion. That might help as to the weight issue. I like the heavy weight of the Thompson as it kind of helps in keeping it from rising too much for me. I did fine on the machine gun range. I might even consider entering that event in October with a 1928 open sight.


Now I'd like to very closely examine that .22 Cienner kit one of these days. I might try my hand at making up a kit that would make use of the .22 mag instead of the long rifle. I see no reason why I cannot do that. Just will cost more to shoot. I might just be able to modify one of my cut bolts and do some handy welding here and there along with some lathe and milling work. A 28 bolt would be just fine as it's already somewhat less weight than the M1 or M1A1 bolt. And you can make up a new charge handle out of aluminum.


I sold my Uzi Model 1 (I think it was the 1st in the series of semi’s as it was an open bolt). I didn't like it at all. I did keep my Mac 10 9mm though. And like the STG58 I built up from a part set with an FN forged upper marked for IDF, type 2.


Now for the most part, I don't know anyone that was there, excepting for a few people. Bob Hurley, Dennis Todd, Karl & Rauly from Ohio Ordnance and Folke who came from the Netherlands as he always seems to do. I also know a couple of the guys that are venders as I've met and dealings with them at other shows that I go to in Pa.


I did pick up a non-working M3 7.62 belt loader that someone took apart and broke a little piece on it. I got that from Numrich Arms for $20 since the guy couldn't get it to work. All it did for him was jam every time he attempted to turn the handle. His misfortune as I now have it working. I don't get much sleep and so I just tinker with things I'm interested in. I'll do a little work on the hopper and get it to load 8mm. Why pay over $200 when I can have this $20 one that I know I can make work.


However, when I do go back in October, I'll be bringing a Colt AR-15 SP-1 that I don't think has had even a full 20 round mag run through it. Had it since new and I have 2 of them so may be that guy that you saw me talking to at the table is the one that will wind up with that Colt. And there was someone that was interested in a M14 receiver, might just bring either a TRW or H&R to sell as well. I can use some extra cash for the other things I need.


Well, for those that did happen to see me walking around I hope that I at least presented a positive presence for the forum. I do like the 24 hour Wal Mart that they have about 20 miles away. I took all night to walk around that place and it's very large so I did have something to do before going back to the event for Saturday and Sunday.


Just remember if you do see some female type in October with either a MP43, MP40, Sten, Thompson or M14, or maybe nothing at all with her, don't be shy. I may take you up on an offer to talk as long as you buy the coffee. And I like to learn as much about the things that I have or would like to one day have. Don't need extra weight so no buns or things like cake. I'm heavy enough as it is and at my advanced age it's not easy to take the weight off.


Well, would have been nice to see and talk to more of you.


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