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C Drum

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FOR SALE: Thompson C Drum




Expires On: 07/16/2005


Ad Information

Ad Number: 1779

Date Posted: 04/17/2005

Price: 750


New in Box.

Auto Ordnance's West Hurley "C" Drum

Contact Information

Name: Daniel Andress

Street Address:

City: Madison

State/Province: Alabama

Zip/Postal Code: 35758

Country: USA

Telephone Number:

E-Mail Address: Midljukka@aol.com


Sorry it's on Bowers board not Sturm.


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I'm still new to all the types of drums. In general, how do the AO West Hurley c drums compare to the other c drums? Do they require work to make them functional, do they work good out of the box? Are there any issues with the model gun they will work with? I'm sure the colt c drums are going for a lot more.


m hawley

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There are only two types of C Drums (100 round capacity.)


First, the Colt C drum: very expensive and very reliable.


Second, the WH C Drum: expensive, but not nearly as much as a Colt C drum, and very unreliable (out of the box.) These drums had many problems with the springs. Merle in Oregon can rework the drum for you and put a new spring in it. After Merle reworks them, they usually work well in semi-autos and 28's (which fire about 800 rounds per minute.) They do not seem to work well in 21s (900 RPM) even with the rework.


They are neat to look at in the gun; VERY heavy when loaded!


I would suggest buying a WW2 L drum (50 round) for the price of the C drum.


In my full auto, I am very happy to be at a 50 round limit per trigger pull. It gets expensive to shoot, and by round number 50, the target is trashed! http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/wink.gif


Just my $.02 worth.




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