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Wts: M1918a2 Browning Automatic Rifle T Shirts. .

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Hello everyone, My name is George Knott and I run a Yahoo Group for BAR enthusiasts:




I just did a run of T shirts for the guys in the group, and I realized I had never seen a BAR T shirt offered for sale before, so I have decided to extend the offer beyond the Group to anyone who may want one. Shirts are Tan, with the ‘Crossed Cannons’ Ordnance stamp on the left breast and a image from a WWII poster on the back showing a BAR man in action, along with our group address.


Shirts are $13 each, Shipping on one is $2, two or more will be $3.85. I will be taking orders through this Saturday (23rd of April). After that I will close the order and send it off to the printers to have them made up. Last batch was delivered in about two weeks.


Here is what I need from you guys


1) Drop me an Email at Junkyardslug@hotmail.com , Give me your Name, Mailing Address, Size and Quantity of shirts you want


2) I will send you an E-mail Confirmation that I have added you to the list, and I will include in that Email my mailing address for payment. Personal checks are fine


Thanks for looking guys, and if you want one get on board now, I am only taking orders through Saturday











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