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Wts Colt Thompson 1921 90% + $31,995 Obo

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Colt 1921 100% original Thompson


Just acquired this 1921 Colt Thompson as I’m not an expert on Thompsons, I took it to by good friend Don Quinnell owner of Don’s Gun Shop for inspection and a serious cleaning, the gun had a lot of cosmoline on it and needed a romantic candlelight bubble bath in Don’s ultrasonic.


After cleaning it Don rated the gun at 92% - 92% so to be conservative let me drop it to 90% original finish left on the gun. The wood looks extremely nice; there are some minor nicks from storage on the butt stock.


The lower and upper have matching serial numbers # 31xx


Gun comes with the correct “L†drum # 21xx


There was an original oilier in the butt stock


I have a copy of the original transfer to an individual in 1934.


I’m in no hurry to sell it, understand the gun is worth $35,000 or so


I’m open to reasonable offers and trades.


Tomorrow I will have 14 pictures available upon request.


This gun may be inspected by appointment in Miami, Florida.


Gun is in my inventory in Miami


Ruben Mendiola




Not mine just FYI and our discussion http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/smile.gif gunrunner

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He sold it for what he was asking $32,000 and he had 3 guys waiting in line for it.
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