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Gun Bust In Phoenix

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Local station Fox 10 news covered an ATF bust in west PHX today.


Among the dozens of rifle, and semi-autos were pictures of TSMG's (real TSMG's, short barrel, etc), in hard cases, with drums,and stick mags, etc. Also other MG's and silencers, etc. Supposedly all contraband, but hard to say for sure until the ATF says the TSMg's are contraband. Hope they weren't Colts, and instead were home made guns from 80% receivers.



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We had a huge drug bust here last year..... Contained several f/a weapons one being a TSMG.... I was hoping they might be papered as these people had bought everything legitimately just the money was not legitimate.... Anyhow the county I live in is really big on selling seized firearms at auction, so I was hoping maybe they could some how sell it if it was papered, but the frikin feds got involved and claimed the bust as their own and took all seized weapons, over a hundred of them, so you know they're going straight to the melting pot......
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