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C Drum On Ebay

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I was bidding on a "new" West Hurley C drum on ebay when they killed it.

Last I saw it was up around $611 (Friday??).... don't know what it was when it was cancelled.

Guy selling it lived in San Antonio, name is Patrick - I have a cell phone # but have not called him (my offer was too low!).


Anyone here get it? How much did you get it for? Inquiring (jealous!) minds want to know!


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I seen your bid, then I tried to up it over $100.00 and then, like you, waited and watched ... then it was cancelled.


I seen another C Drum, an Auto Ordnance, at the Creek this spring, the guy only wanted $500.00 for it, I should have bought it, but my cash was needed for another project ...

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Yeppers that is what I keep tryin to tell ya'll.... Like I said, I sold a Ruger Pistol on ebaY with no problems..... Just need to work the system.... You just have to get your round peg to fit their square hole......


But I also believe there are people out there who will get your auction bounced by complaining, then try to pick it up cheap afterward..... That is why I never sell to someone hitting me up after a banned auction...

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