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Newbie Questions--please Be Patient With Me

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Can anybody tell me how you go about removing the Cutts compensator from the barrel ? I know that you have to remove the pin, but is the pin beveled? I was trying to pound it out with a punch and -no dice. Should I heat it up? Also is it necassary to remove the foregrip mount to replce the old barrel with a new one? If it is -how do you remove it from the reciever? Is there anybody out there that would allow me to use a barrel wrench? I will pay you for its use and I will pay for the shipping to and from my house. Any help would be kindly appreciated.






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The pin should come out with reasonable force and a proper size punch. After the pin is removed, the Cutts should unscrew. The Grip Mount is retained by the barrel, which must be removed first.



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