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"21 Buffer Pilot

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Does anyone have or can you direct me to a good picture of the '21 buffer pilot and spring assembly? I don't need the actuator. TIA


Bob D email addy mg.bug@verizon.net

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Are you looking for this to use with a '21 actuator in a Tommy? If so, and if you don't care about having everything original, I suggest you purchase PK's hybrid pilot and buffer disk. It looks like a '28 pilot on the back end, but is the larger diameter of the '21 pilot on the front. It works with a standard 1921 recoil spring, which you can get from Wolff (PK can also supply the Wolff spring), and a standard or replacement '28 buffer disk. I put one of these hybird setups in my '28A1 along with a '21 actuator and it performs beautifully. Not the "real thing", but a nice Memorex copy!


I can send you a pic of the hybrid pilot and buffer if you wish.


If that doesn't provide what you are looking for, I do have a pic of a '21 actuator, buffer and pilot, including the internal buffer disks. I can Email that to you as well.


Let me know.




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