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'21 Buffer Variations

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Were the buffer tube/pilot/disc combinations made for the 1921 Thompson all pretty much the same or were there variations during production? What type of finish did the original parts have? I can't seem to find much on this subject. TIA.


Bob D


PS Thanks for the pics Roger.

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Yes and no,

to a greater or lesser degree,

as it were,

if you will,

depending upon one's perspective,

from the Big Picture point of view,

cut and thrust-wise.




I would love to add something of value here, but I have no knowledge of buffers in the Full-auto models.


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QUOTE (Lotusnut @ Jun 27 2005, 03:10 AM)
This board really sucks the bag lately...

Been pretty slow these days....on this board.....un huh....preddy slow...


(BTW there were no variations in the 21 style buffers.)

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Perhaps if we can get the folks who have 1921 Colts to send pictures of there buffer pilots parts in we could start collecting a small picture report of these things. I know John Jr gonna love this-adlake
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