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Uk Gun Owners:be Aware

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I got this today and thought it worthy to pass along.....



To all re-enactors on the forum, and hopefully those not...


This is the first major call we've had to put out to you since our opening and

it's at a time when all of us must act in order to ensure the future of our

hobby. I'm sure by now you know what I am talking about - the Violent Crime

Reduction (VCR) bill being pushed through Parliament at the moment that

effectively signals the end of re-enactment as we know it.


It states that no more replica or imitation weapons will, legally, be obtainable

within this country or through import. It's still a shady area as to whether

replica encompasses deacts however most police forces and MPs would suggest it

does. Even if it doesn't, what's stopping them from amending the bill AFTER it

has been passed to include the words "deactivated weapons"?


So it's time to act. At the War and Peace show there will be a petition at the

ARC Clubmobile, as it will undoubtedly be the most popular re-enactor haunt over

duration of the show. (There is a planned meeting for all of us forum goers on

the Thursday evening, see forum for details). You can't miss the Clubmobile -

big American WWII style "chuck" wagon, for want of a better term, dishing out

free tea, coffee and donuts just to us re-enactors.


Other groups are running their own petitions too. The only way we will get the

government to listen is by hitting them with paperwork. One petition of 5000

signatures will get reviewed, no one is doubting that. But once it's thrown away

it will be forgotten. However 100 petitions of any size and over the course of a

few months will keep it current in their memory and show we will not let it rest

which is precisely what they want us to do!


If you want to help, here's what you can do.


1. Lobby your MP - write to him/her, make an appointment and get your questions

across. He or she can then go to the Commons armed with these and get our points

across. If you don't know who your MP is go here:



2. Sign the petitions. Make yourself heard, don't be limited to one. If you

caught the programme on TV a few months ago about petitions to 10 Downing Street

you will know many were found simply thrown out into the rubbish - if we just

send 1 and hope for the best this is a likely possibility!


3. Stick together. Show them we are united on the issue and that WE ARE NOT

CRIMINALS. It's not our fault this bill is being enforced. The Home Office and

Special Branch will almost definitely check the signatories of our petitions

through their database, especially with a bill like this, so they will quickly

realise it is not us who should be punished.


It might be advisable for re-enactors or members involved with petitions who

have criminal records to refrain from becoming (too) involved in this process in

case the government uses this/these members background(s) to rubbish/undermine

the petition process. Andy Colborn of the SBG will be getting his members to

sign a petition and contact their local M.P.’s but he’s stating that *any* (SBG)

member who has a criminal record, past or present, should not sign anything or

get involved in the matter at all as it will/may only damage the situation

further as anyone with a particular type of criminal record (I.e. Violence, fire

arms offences, drugs related or serious crime) should not be associated with any

type of weaponry/firearm. Apparently when petitions of this nature are submitted

Special Branch will almost certainly check the background of the main

instigators if not all of the signatures. And as the SBG has a number of Police

Officers in their group they should know what they’re talking about.


If you have any questions there are many on-going discussions on the forum at

the moment and you can contact me directly, what I don't know I will be able to

find out and/or point you in the right direction for more info.


Many thanks, and please do something.


Chris Pozzi




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