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Broken Actuator

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Took a few of the 'kids' out for a 4 day shoot-a-thon in eastern Oregon. At one point during the trip, a normal cocking to show clear of the WH 1928, a piece of metal fell out of the weapon. Upon further inspection it was revealed that the piece was broken off from the actuator. See pic...




So..... my question is.... is that normal breakage? From the looks of the break it wasn't like that for some time as there is no discoloration like I would expect from a crack that was cracked and then broke later. The bolt and blish lock are both marked Savage but the actuator is not marked as far as I can see. The gun was built in 1982. Is this one of those cases where one of those dreaded "west hurley" parts just failed? Is this a normal failure after XX rounds? Inspection shows no other damage to the weapon from the failure.


FWIW, my West Hurley has always run great and It hasn't even been to PK yet! LOL! Parts falling out of the gun however are definately cause for concern so I thought I'd throw this post out there and see what you guys think.


Lastly... Anyone know where I can buy a new actuator? Been thinking about buying one of the Ohio Ordnance kits but at this point all I need is a new actuator. Thoughts?


Any and all input appreciated.







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Marks,... it looks like a typical WH parts failure by what I can see from your pic...the actuator from WH is cast and that appears to be a cast one(note the grainey separation of the ear)...put a surplus actuator in it and try it...also look for any apparent damage to the receiver,blish lock and bolt....when in doubt send it to PK and relax.... http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/wink.gif
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You'll want to weed out any other WH parts left on the gun for the same reason! They were probably all right originally, but just can't stand up to over 30+ years of even occasional use like the GI componants will.

Anybody need a complete set of unused WH internals left over from my WH M1's trip to PK?

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