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Auto Ordnance Inspection Gages (george Goll)

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Hello All,


Just a heads up that the Auto Ordnance Inspection Gage Collection that we stumbled across a while back is coming up for sale. (We are considering serious offers for now....may put on auction....not sure yet.) A bunch more gages were found. 24 in all...some fragments. Tracie Hill has had a chance to look them over and catalog them. Here is a shot of the whole family:




Much more detail about the gages including pictures and markings is posted on my site at:


The Auto Ordnance Gage Page


Questions and comments.about the gages is greatly appreciated. I will be adding everything to the research area of my site after it is all done to keep the information available. http://www.machinegunbooks.com/forums/invboard1_1_2/upload/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif




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It would be kinda intresting on how the tools match up to the parts they are checking. I guess I kinda got into to tools and gauges dues to a freind and to find out companys like Pillsbury/ A Mill made there own tools. They marked them as well. I was wondering about his tools and stuff after re reading Bill Helmers book-adlake
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If you need someone to make drawings of all those prior to sale let me know. I make drawings of all the parts I make and can do 3 D auto cad drawings. I think Mike can vouch for my work and I think he's even seen some of the drawings I did on a 1903 Hotchkiss 1 pounder cannon breech assembly I built...


I agree with Phil that its a shame to lose the chance to document something like this before it gets dispersed in many collections or stashed away by some collector.





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Geez Phil,

2004 auto cad...I'm stuck in the dark ages with 2000. We looked at the newer versions but the only thing they really added ( that we could figure out) was internet connectivity stuff. We've been trying to learn Solidworks but it is so different from auto cad that its hard for us old guys to change our spots. I'm pretty happy with the 2000 though and since I'm just drawing lowly machinegun parts instead of architectural materpieces I think we'll do ok.

Hopefully we can do something with these jewels Damon has.



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QUOTE (PhilOhio @ Jul 27 2005, 08:39 AM)
If you are going to auction them off, or otherwise dispose of them, rather than keep them in some sort of museum or place where they would be accessible to Thompson collectors over the long term, is there any chance you might be able to very accurately measure and blueprint them first?

PhilOhio's post in July had me thinking at the time that it might be a good idea to document the guages before they got sold. So one afternoon before they left for their new home I did just that. It didn't hurt that somebody offered some reciperacle drawings of Harley and Indian parts in trade for mine. My little BobCAD/CAM is also good for machine code in 2 and 3D drawings. I think I got most of the complete ones. They are available on my web site as a service to the community. Go to http://www.hudsontradingpost.com/pages/pro...wings/index.htm. If anyone wants a dxf file for AutoCad or some other CAD program my conversion file may work. Don't know. Just send me an email and I'll see what we can do.


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