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Dr. Hunter S. Thompson's Tommygun

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Background: Hunters S. Thompson was best known as the "father of Gonzo Journalist", a drug-addled writer who would probably be persona-non-grata amongst most folks frequenting these boards. His best known book (made into a movie with Johnny Depp) was FEAR AND LOATHING ON THE ROAD TO LAS VEGAS.


Thompson was also the model for Gary Trudeau's DOONESBURY comic strip character "Uncle Duke" - an amoral mercenary and chameleon who had more adventures than Indianna Jones.


Hunter Thompson, like Papa Hemingway, ate a shotgun a few months ago.


Thompson Sets House Record for

Thompson Firearms at $43,125.00


Bedford, NH: The May 15th, 2005 J.C. Devine, Inc. auction had many diverse items in its sale. Class III firearms remain a high draw at these sales. Proof of that came at lot # 60, an early Colt Model 1921 Thompson Submachine Gun, serial number 114 in caliber .45 A.C.P.. This firearm had the early fire control markings of "AUTOMATIC" and "SEMI AUTOMATIC", and the early actuator slot with a square end. The firearm was shipped to W.S. Brown Company in Pennsylvania back in April of 1921 for delivery to the Aliquippa, Pennsylvania Police Department. As noted on page 94 of Roger Cox's book The Thompson Submachine Gun, it was subsequently converted to the 21AC configuration with the addition of a type 2 Cutts compensator. The gun had the original stocks with the buttstock clearly marked with the Remington anchor stamp. This Thompson had the lowest serial number of any we have sold, and was in magnificent condition and sold for $43,125.00 to a New Hampshire collector.

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I'm pretty dense so at the risk of derailing your post.... I don't get it.... Is the connection only the name? Or is it a combination of names and gun ownership?




Clueless in Orygun

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I was left with the impression they were selling one of Hunter's weapons. He was a firearms afficionado and NRA member. Rather than autographing his books for folks who came to his farm he would put a round through them. But the ad never really states that he owned it or any other Thompson. I hear they shot his ashes out of a cannon.
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