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Would You Buy A .45 C-mag?

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I posted this question on AR15.com


I was thinking about how the 9mm C-Mag will work in a MP5, UZI and 9mm M16. That made me think wouldn't it be nice if there was a .45 100 shot mag for Thompson owners. Especially for M1 Thompson that can not use a drum.


It might be just foolish thinking but a 45 C-Mag could work in Thompsons, 45 UZI, HK UMP/USC and a M3 Grease Gun.


What do you guys think?




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I sent Beta an e-mail on this very topic right after the Ban expired. I'm still waiting for a reply. I think their tooling is all smaller caliber (9 mm) stuff so it would require all new tooling. Drums, tower, everything. Big bucks.


On the other hand, I think (could be wrong so don't get too excited till you determine for sure) that the patent for the Beta Mag has expired. If so, you may be able to tool it up yourself.


Good luck.



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If there are any M1 M1A1 type out there who cant shoot drums...... I have the answer for you!


I recently got an M1 lower that was cut out for a drum. Save your original and slap a new lower on - shoot drums!


If you are interested - email me. I do not need it.

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Yeah, Mike , you are right. Brain fart from too much travelling!


The lower does have a slot cut in it, but you would need a modified upper as well. And as Phil said - I wouldn't cut my upper.


I got this on the most bastarded up dummy gun you had ever seen.... Sanded and refinished, but sanded with a hand helt belt sander! The barrel was a 28 plain with grooves got in it (about 25 or so...), and the dummy rec and comp was about all that was OK. Front vertical grip was a Sarco special - made in india or something. Even the trigger group had some grinding evident. Looks like someone put all of his crap parts on one then suckered me into buying it



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